Jazz trio: Sharp Eleventh

Tom Appleman: bass
Peter Clote: alto sax, flute
Ned Rosen: piano

Jazz trio specializing in banquets and receptions for business, pharmaceutical and scientific meetings. Mainstream Jazz, bossa nova, bop, ballads (Miles, Mingus, Monk, Parker, Coltrane, etc.).

References available on request. Contact information below.

Un échantillon de musique/ Music Sampler

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Our first CD - mostly standards

  1. Joy Spring (Clifford Brown)
  2. Goodbye Pork PieHat (Charlie Mingus)
  3. Silicon Sally (Peter Clote)
  4. In Walked Bud (Todd Dameron)
  5. Confirmation (Charlie Parker)
  6. Pensativa (Claire Fisher)
  7. Corvocado (Jobim)

Our second CD (recently mixed by J. Sage)

Sea Breeze (New Sharp Eleventh Originals)

  1. Amber's Dilemma (P. Clote)
  2. Serpent's Eye (P. Clote)
  3. Ring The Bell (N. Rosen): click here for a recording of Paul McCandless (Oregon) of Ned Rosen's tune.
  4. Sea Breeze (P. Clote and N. Rosen)
  5. Furtive Glance (P. Clote)
  6. Marie (P. Clote)
  7. Nairobi Incident (P. Clote)
  8. Jet Stream (P. Clote)
  9. Coral Mist (P. Clote)
  10. Pluto's Moon (P. Clote)
  11. Sun Sparks (P. Clote)

Sound engineer: Jon Sage. Sound tracks courtesy of Boston College, with special thanks to Jon Sage and Seb Bonaiuto.

Contact Information

Peter Clote: clote@sharp11th.com
Ned Rosen: rosen@sharp11th.com

We specialize in banquets and receptions, especially for business, pharmaceutical and scientific meetings.

Photo taken when we played at event for convention Drug Discovery Technology at the Boston Harbor Hotel in August 2004.